The Roots of Resistance

The season of Lent provides a time for us to consider where we are on the path of Discipleship and in our relationship with God. In order to know where we are, we need to understand the guideposts along the way. What guiding principles and practices provide a firm foundation and guardrails along dangerous and uncertain paths? At Foundry, we practice biblically rooted sacred resistance, a way of being and acting that is engaged with and for the world God loves. As we journey through Lent, the scriptural texts will illumine some contours and commitments of sacred resistance, touching on topics like taking risks, keeping perspective, and working for a common good. Join us as we are nourished and called to sacred resistance that is deeply rooted in the resources of our faith and in the grace and mercy of our God!

Ash Wednesday: Returning

Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli


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