Learning to Sing the Blues

“How can we sing God’s song in a foreign land?” This question is found in Psalm 137, a song of lament in time of exile. Psalm 137 is an answer to its own question. Because the practice of lament, including personal and communal prayer, song, and ritual, is how we raise our voices and spirits to God in times of trouble. When we find ourselves in difficult places of pain, struggle, disorientation, captivity, or disconnection, our spiritual tradition doesn’t encourage suppression, silence, or pretending. Instead, we are reminded that God receives our strong emotions, our cries of rage and grief, and offers grace and mercy to help us move through them to a place of relief and liberation. Throughout this series, we will explore the invitation, necessity, and power of lament along the path toward freedom and new life. The promise is nothing less than resurrection!

Ash Wednesday

Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli



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