The Art of Giving Up by Rev. K.C. Van Atta-Casebier

December 21, 2021

I much prefer to give down

Definite and buried

Entombed, a sure thing

Freedom to no longer carry

Or weigh down my wings

I much prefer to give down

An offering of assurance

Safety under lock and key

A quizzical lesson in endurance 

To try to hide something away from me

Death grip on the universe

As if there is such a thing

A soil crusted hearse

Unclear what to bring

Give down

You can trust it

It is all I’ve ever known

How to be less free of it

But I’ve never flown

Give down

Keep carrying on

Listen to your internal protector 

A foundation to rest upon

And a trustworthy collector

Circumstantial thought

As if that’s enough

A darkened fleet

And a trunk full of stuff

Everything but the body it forgot

Race to fine-land

Body gaining headway

Tremor in the hand

“You’ll never outrun me,” I hear it say

Watch me try

Lose sight in your rear view

Long enough to dry your sweat

Missing my cue

Who are you? 

I gave you down

To hideaway for awhile

Last place, thorny crown

Memories stockpile

You might want to check again

A seedling has sprouted

You tried to give me down, friend

But see, I don’t care that you doubted

Acceleration slows

Push open the passenger door

Finally, an invitation to repose

One we can’t just ignore

Get in, body

I’m tired of giving down

I need some help, some reassurance, a… 

What are you wearing? What is…that gown?’re not just some…body

You’re from that Little Town

“Onward,” body shouts

But where?

“Let’s try a different route”

But I’m scared

“I know,” body says with love

“Look! There!”

“Follow that star above!”

That’s the thing about giving down 

Whatever it is we give down, will always find a way to give up

Take seeds

Or prophets

Or buried leads

Or leaky faucets

Or heavy birds

Or baby saviors

Or unkind words

Or unhealthy behaviors

Take death

Or life

Or breath

Or fight

Or belief

Or tears

Or grief

Or our greatest fears

Or somehow..relief

It’s an art really

To accept that to give down is to allow it to begin healing

More than one act or fleeting feeling

A sprout of a new way of being