Important Reentry Update: July 3, 2021

July 03, 2021

Beloved members and friends of Foundry,

We continue to communicate our progress with plans for the return to indoor in-person gatherings and worship at Foundry. Our clergy and staff remain keenly focused on reentry issues, working closely with the Reentry Implementation Task Force.

Last week, we heard much interest from congregants regarding details of the upcoming Evensong worship services. These in-person services begin July 14 in the Foundry Community Commons, and will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. through the end of August. We ask that attendees wear masks to the Evensong services.

More about Evensong worship services:

Location and Social Distancing

We will be joining together in our Community Commons, as our main sanctuary space undergoes necessary AV work and safety protocols are finalized. Chairs will be arranged three feet apart, with rows four feet apart.

General Order of Service

This service will be modeled as a UMC evening praise and prayer service, to include congregational singing and musical leadership from members of our Foundry Choir, scripture, prayer, and an evening reflection delivered by a member of the clergy team. Pastor Ginger will provide the opening meditation on July 14.

Our Foundry Prayer Team, part of our Hospitality and Care Ministries, will also be present to pray one-on-one with people following worship.


  • Childcare for children under four years old will be provided. For questions regarding childcare, please contact Rev. K.C. Van Atta-Casebier at

  • Our Operations Team is working with Deaf Access Solution, our ASL provider, to provide ongoing ASL interpretation which honors their COVID protocols.

  • Bulletins will not be prepared; however, worshippers will see elements of the liturgy on screens, and hymnals will be placed in chairs.

  • Evensong services will not be live-streamed. This will be an in-person worship experience only.

Attendance Check-in

We will test the use of electronic keypads to sign in both members and guests. These will be similar to airport check-in kiosks in addition to staffed kiosks for first-time visitors. Servant Leaders will be available to assist with these sign-ins.


As the city continues to reopen, only street parking will be available for the Evensong services.

Audio Visual (AV) Upgrades

Necessary AV upgrades, enhancements, and improvements are underway. The Board approved expenditures to cover the cost of equipment and services required to deliver effective, high-quality audio and video from the sanctuary for those joining us online.

Looking Forward

The reentry process has many facets. Foundry’s staff is hard at work executing the various timelines in place for us to return safely to in-person worship in the sanctuary later this summer. The Reentry Implementation Task Force continues to meet on a weekly basis and address issues as they arise, tapping into the knowledge and resources of numerous experts.

We remain focused on turning the corner together toward a return to full in-person Sunday worship in the sanctuary by Sept. 5 at the latest. Please continue to read these emails for updates on topics that are important to you.

Foundry's Reentry Implementation Task Force

We are grateful for the leadership and guidance of Foundry’s Covid Reentry Implementation Task Force. This Task Force is composed of: Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli (Senior Pastor), Gwen Williamson (Chair), Nick Jessee, Matt Hansen, Sam Kilpatrick, Paula Blair, and PJ Taylor.

Please feel free to submit comments and/or questions to

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In peace,

Rev. Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli

Senior Pastor

Foundry United Methodist Church