Prepare the Table!

September 30, 2021

rev. ginger gaines-cirelli

You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies;

you anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

                              - Psalm 23:5

So much life happens around dining tables — we are nourished with food, conversation, storytelling, and perhaps, a good debate. We laugh, cry, form new relationships, and reconnect with old friends. The food and drink on various tables reflect cultures from which we come, traditions of our families, and “specialties of the house.” The tables themselves are soaked with prayers and memories and bear the scratches and stains of real life shared together.

This is nothing new. Throughout the Gospel, life-changing things happened around tables. Wherever Jesus gathered at table, wonderful things occurred: acts of service, eye-opening teaching, prayer, and sacramental transformation. Boundaries got broken for the sake of justice. Community was formed and dignity restored to those once excluded. With Jesus, the “table” might be on a hillside or in an upper room, but wherever the people gathered with Jesus, people were nourished body and soul.

An older scripture — Psalm 23 — paints a picture of the table that God, our Shepherd, prepares for us. This image reminds us that God provides for us even in times of challenge and danger. We are anointed at the table, our cup overflows.

Our October and November sermons will explore Psalm 23, both inspiration and invitation, as Foundry gives thanks for God’s provision and sets a course for the future. Throughout this series, you’ll receive reflections from the Foundry family about how the Foundry “table” nourishes their lives and serves others. Together, we will commit to using our collective generosity to assure abundance, nourishment, and an ever-wider circle that welcomes all.

As we navigate the unknown territory of ongoing pandemic with its changing landscape, the deep wisdom and comfort of this Psalm will be welcome companions. Join us as we journey with our Shepherd who prepares a table for us, whose goodness and mercy are everlasting!

Preparing the Table with you,