ID Ministry to move weekdays services from Friday to Wednesday

February 06, 2023

For more than 20 years Foundry’s ID Ministry has worked with vulnerable neighbors to acquire vital documents critical for housing, jobs, schooling, and assistance services. We seek to honor the image of God in every ministry guest knowing that societal systems frequently diminish it. And we strive to conduct our work in the most effective way possible, so that our guests have the best chance of success.
In discussions with community partners and Foundry’s amazing ID Ministry volunteers, we have learned it will be more beneficial to guests and their case workers if Foundry switches to offering ID Ministry on Wednesday mornings instead of Friday mornings. Many agencies do their intake early in the week which we hope will help guests get to their ID appointments more consistently. Getting help earlier in the week also gives clients more time to get to Vital Records, the DMV, and other agencies before offices close on the weekend. We will continue our Saturday ID session on the first and third Saturdays of the month for those that cannot come during the week. We believe that this change in the schedule will help more guests get the documents they need more easily.
If you’ve ever wondered what volunteering with the ID Ministry would be like but the Friday schedule did not work for you, we are always looking for more volunteers! It is truly a life-changing ministry. Please email for more information.