Director of Family Ministries

Director of Family Ministries


The Director of Family Ministries is responsible for developing, energizing, and maintaining a vibrant system for supporting Foundry’s children, youth and families in their faith journeys from infancy through adulthood. The Director, utilizing a collaborative style, works with and relies on teams of volunteers to carry out a vision and program that provide a firm foundation for the growth of children and youth in Christian faith, engages them in learning the stories of the Bible, gives them practice in worship, mission, and service, and seeks to strengthen family relationships. Throughout these ministries, the Director and volunteer ministry teams will strive to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and fun that attracts and retains children and youth as they encounter a wide variety of challenging learning experiences.

Essential Functions

  • Envisioning, creating, and implementing a system of generational ministries for children, youth and families that gains the support of the congregation.
  • Collaborates with staff and laity ministry teams to strengthen the Scope of Work for Family Ministries
  • Enlisting, equipping, training and empowering volunteer ministry teams to staff ministry areas for children, ministries for youth, and ministries for families, encouraging each of the ministry teams to be open to innovative ideas for change and improvement.
  • Collaborating with church staff and lay leaders to ensure that children, youth and family ministries are fully integrated into the life of the church.
  • Continuing and strengthening existing ministries for children, including but not limited to Children’s Choir, Sunday School, Bible Sunday, Community Christmas Festival, Christmas Pageant, and the Community Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Continuing and strengthening existing ministries for Youth, including but not limited to Sunday Morning Youth Leaders, Confirmation, Youth Ministry, Fundraising, Lock-Ins, Monthly Gatherings, Mission Leaders, Scholarships and Youth Sunday.
  • Developing and strengthening community partnerships to collaborate on Family Ministries programs, missions, and ministries.
  • Creating and developing a vision for supporting families, as well as continuing and strengthening existing programs to engage and support families, including providing a Nursery/Toddler Room, conducting a Family Camp, and holding Parent Sessions on a variety of topics relevant to families.
  • Employing curricula for the children, youth, and family ministries that encompass a full range of learning and experiences from cradle to college, coupled with a robust system for identifying, enlisting, orienting, and training teachers.
  • Engaging with the Worship Pastor to strengthen the monthly Children’s Church as a forum for preparing children for the adult worship experience and nurture children in worship roles.
  • Overseeing all aspects of Safe Sanctuary implementation, including communications, training, background checks, and maintenance of records and files.
  • Establishing and maintaining connections with associated ministries at the district and conference levels, as well as collaborating with nearby United Methodist local churches such as Asbury UMC to share program opportunities.
  • Actively engaging lay leaders and a wide range of members throughout the congregation in order to share the scope, value, and opportunities for service in children, youth, and family opportunities, while at the same time gaining knowledge of the congregation and its gifts.

Core Competencies

Attention to Detail:

  • Consistently attends to the many small pieces which must be assembled into an organized whole;
  • Manages the Family Ministries budget, follow up on missing or out of balance items
  • Resolves unanswered questions needed to address a problem
  • Keeps the larger picture in mind while tending to the smallest of details.
  • Maintains data integrity and responsibility for all Family Ministries participants in church database, updates as necessary
  • Provides data and support for Charge Conference, statistical and other reports, as required

Aesthetic Awareness:

  • Demonstrates a natural awareness about the effective organization of space for different purposes
  • Possesses a natural orientation towards cleanliness and orderliness of space
  • Appreciates the value of and need for sacred space and how to physically tend to it

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Displays a level of maturity which will ensure that appropriate boundaries are in place and that he/she will adhere to principles of staff covenant with specific attention to honoring privacy, and confidentiality of both staff and congregation, and abiding by Safe Sanctuary policies as applicable and necessary.
  • Exemplifies a commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas of the workplace.
  • Demonstrates a positive, engaging, and respectful attitude at all times.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to accept additional responsibilities and duties.
  • Leadership skills with a knack for enlisting, developing, and inspiring volunteer ministry teams and an ability to collaborate effectively with others on the staff and in the congregation.
  • Ability to communicate with, and relate to, diverse groups and individuals, coupled with the ability to show interest and empathy.

Mission Ownership:

  • Demonstrates understanding and full support of the ministry, mission, goals and Statement of Call of Foundry United Methodist Church.
  • Attends staff meetings, retreats, etc.
  • Establishes and maintain appropriate connections with other churches, etc.
  • Participates in pastoral care as part of the clergy/care ministry team
  • Ability to craft and communicate a vision for children, youth, and family ministries within the overall mission and vision for Foundry Church.
  • A broad knowledge of developments in the field of children, youth and family ministries and an ability to integrate new concepts, as appropriate into Foundry’s programs.
  • Proven leadership and experience in growing children and youth ministries in church or other organizational setting.

Organization Skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to:
    • Focus, prioritize, schedule and manage multiple projects and tasks using tools such as BaseCamp, MailChimp, Outlook, and Planning Center Online
    • Develop and complete short-term and long-term goals and action plans that are aligned with overall goals of the church.
    • Meet commitments on time
    • Communicates effectively in written and spoken communication using MailChimp and other approved forms of social media as required (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, website)

Project Management

  • Identifies key objectives and scope of a proposed project
  • Garners needed resources and project support
  • Develops a realistic and thorough plan for achieving key objectives
  • Keeps team members briefed on progress
  • Implements action plans and communicates progress to direct report and key leaders

Spiritual Maturity

  • Demonstrative maturity, including acceptance of responsibility, openness to criticism, and an ability to defuse through personal example.
  • Recognizes the importance of, and practices, maintaining healthy personal and professional boundaries, accepting full responsibility for one’s own work, understanding its limits, and avoiding interference in the work of others.
  • Maintains a healthy work/life balance, giving appropriate attention to personal development, self-care and enjoying a sabbath day for rest and reflection.
  • Attentive to personal spiritual development, discipline and growth. Models and encourages spiritual growth and discipleship in others.

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