Childcare Ministry

We’re glad you’re here! It is our privilege at Foundry United Methodist Church to provide a safe, Christ centered and loving environment where caregivers can confidently leave their children during Sunday activities. A great deal of preparation has gone into making the Childcare Center a safe and enjoyable space. We recognize the importance of the early years when first impressions of faith, Christ, and the church are being formed; we want to make the nursery a positive experience for parents and children!

Foundry and the childcare ministry, therefore, does everything within its means to provide for children’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs, so that they will find coming to church a pleasant experience.

The Childcare Center
Staff and Volunteers
are committed to:

  • Strictly adhering to health rules, including cleanliness and space requirements.
  • Creating an environment where Children are happy and comfortable.
  • Providing age-appropriate opportunities for spiritual development.


Childcare Center Guidelines

In order to provide better care for your child, we have compiled some guidelines which are outlined in this booklet. We pray these guidelines are not too demanding, but instead, are reflective of high standards for care. Our desire is to provide quality care for any child associated with the nursery.


The Childcare Center is available for any infants and children ages 0 through 2. Any children who are 2 on September 1 should use the childcare center throughout the next calendar year. Children ages 3 and 4 as of September 1 are invited to join our preschool children's worship program.


The childcare center opens 15 minutes prior to the first service and remains open until 10-15 minutes following the end of the last worship service.

Care is also available during the Sunday School hour.


Foundry uses an online check-in system. Once per year, your family will be asked to update your child's information. You can register on any Sunday morning at the Family Ministry check-in kiosk, located outside community commons. This process helps us track allergies, special needs, and provides us with contact details in case of emergency.


Parents may be asked to return to the nursery during the service:

• if a child is in some form of distress and we have tried to comfort them unsuccessfully.
• if a child causes a continuous disruption or unsafe environment in the childcare center.
• if we do not have the necessary items to care for a child (diaper, change of clothes, bottle, etc.)


What to bring with your child?

• Diaper bag labeled with your child’s name.
• A plastic bag for wet diapers (if cloth is used).
• Plastic bottles or sippy cup, labeled with your child’s name.
• A pacifier, if your child is accustomed to one.
• A change of clothing if not FULLY potty-trained, along with a plastic bag for soiled clothes.

Please do not bring toys from home into the nursery. Toys brought from home can cause conflict between your child and other children, and may get broken, which can upset your child. Should your child bring a toy into the nursery, it will be placed in their bag until the service is over.


We ask that parents refrain from coming to the nursery during the worship service to check on their child, with exceptions. Often, children are left in distress if a parent comes in to check on him/her and then leaves again. It can also upset other children if they sense it is time to see their parent when it is not. We understand you may like to check on your child, especially if you hear him/her crying or in discomfort. In this case, peek through the nursery window and catch a worker’s eye, and s/he will be sure to motion you inside if you are needed.


The following snacks may be served on Sunday mornings:

• goldfish crackers, animal crackers, and graham crackers.
• If the bottle or sippy cup you provide is empty and a child is still thirsty, we will fill it up with water. We prevent sharing of bottles or cups, so if no cup is provided for your child, we can offer a regular disposable cup. We do not have bottles or sippy cups on hand.
• If an infant needs to be fed cereal or baby food, it may be necessary for the parent to come back depending on how many infants there are and the demands that day on our nursery staff.

Please assist us in seeing that your child is fed any regular meals necessary before bringing them.
(Bottle fed babies are the exception.)
Allergy concerns should ALWAYS be listed on the diaper bag tag.
No outside food should be brought to the nursery outside of infant cereals, baby food, and milk.
We are particularly cognizant of food allergies, so please ensure your baby’s items are free of allergens such as nuts.


If your child is not feeling well, please keep them with you. We cannot allow children in the nursery if they are sick. Childcare providers will not be allowed to dispense medication to your children under any circumstances. The only exception would be a typical diaper rash cream for infants.

Please do not bring a child to the nursery that has the following symptoms:

  • a runny nose with discolored mucus
  • an above normal temperature (over 98.6) anytime within the last 24 hours
  • an irritating cough that has persisted for more than 48 hour
  • drainage in the eyes, conjunctivitis, or pink eye
  • irritability and fever due to immunization in the last 24 hours
  • undiagnosed rashes or eruptions of unknown origin
  • diarrhea or vomiting within 24 hours
  • irritability and pulling at ears
  • lice, mites, or ring worm

If your child has been sick during the week: According to physicians, if a child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours, without fever for 24 hours, and shows no other symptoms, it is considered safe for them to be in a nursery setting.
Should a childcare provider notice these symptoms during the child’s time in the nursery, you will be notified and asked to keep the child with you during the service. Please understand that this is for the well-being of the childcare staff and other children in the childcare center.

Raising The Next Generation

When You Arrive Each Sunday, Please:

  • Check in your child at the Family Ministry check-in kiosk outside community commons. Affix the sticker to their back and retain the parent copy.
  • Give your child and diaper bag to the childcare provider along with any special instructions (or feeding times if bottle-fed).
  • Please report any new known allergies each week.

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