Thank you for being a part of the ministries at Foundry. This submission is for our Palm Sunday Virtual Palm Parade. Please submit videos of your celebrations with palms, house plants and more. These can be brief videos, as well as still photos. If you have any questions, please email ​​.


Please use this Dropbox request folder. This can be accessed from a computer as well as a mobile device.

Mobile Device:

Computer: Follow the dropbox instructions and “Add File” > “Files from computer”

Setting up your shot

Make sure you are well lit from the front so everyone can see you

Soft natural light is best or place a lamp in front/side of you. For best lighting use two lamps/light sources, equidistant.

Make sure the light is not behind you (such as a bright window), this will make you appear dark like a silhouette.

If you cannot move to adjust the shot, dim or cover any windows behind you with shades

Give yourself the chance to look your best!

Dress the part! We ask for
your usual Sunday dress.

Solid colors will look best on camera. Avoid any distracting patterns.

Remember to smile!

Thank you for
your submissions!