2017 Stewardship Campaign



GingerThat is the guiding word for the next year at Foundry. After a couple of years of connecting and building, we are ready to act. I feel the growing energy—faithful, impatient energy—to DO what we have been talking about, to grow, to increase our impact in lives and communities through our witness. As you read through this booklet, my hope is that you will see how your financial contributions—no matter the size—help us to do just that. YOU are Foundry. I am Foundry. And, together we are able to be a powerful and transforming witness to the world.

We continue to be guided by our mission to deepen faith through transcendent worship and challenging study, to create engaged community through inclusion and caring, and to transform the world through direct service and prophetic leadership. Working within that larger mission, particular emphases are connecting with God and one another, practicing radical hospitality, developing servant leaders, and creating mission partnerships that build beloved community.

So what—specifically—are we going to DO? The particulars are outlined in the pages that follow, but highlights include:

  • increasing the number of opportunities for adults to engage in meaningful study and community both on Sundays and mid-week,
  • creating innovative new ministries for youth and children that help our young people connect faith and life,
  • adding new initiatives to existing social justice priority areas of ending chronic homelessness, LGBTQ inclusion, and racial justice,
  • using new and updated communication tools, more abundant food and drink, and well-maintained physical environments to communicate radical hospitality,
  • providing training, clear guidelines, and support in order to help lay leadership fully engage and share ministry,
  • offering two increasingly distinct, transcendent worship experiences on Sundays—and making sure that the live streaming technology is excellent—so that we help more people connect with God through worship.

This is the year we WILL see new things come to life. Just as we are stepping out in new directions with the Sunday redesign and completion of Phase I of our Mission Possible building renovation, we are going to keep pushing forward so that our words and dreams as a congregation are matched by our concrete actions and follow-through. To see this come to fruition will require increased financial investment in books, curriculum, staffing, guest facilitators and teachers, food, media buys, musicians, travel, technology and more.

I invite you to take the time to read and digest what is offered in the following pages. I am Foundry. YOU are Foundry. Let’s serve and live and give in ways that strengthen our faithful witness to the world. We can only do it together. Let’s go!

In Christ,

  GGC Sig

Ginger Gaines-Cirelli 
Senior Pastor




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