Upcoming Sermon Series

Upcoming Sermon Series: 

September Series: 

Composition 101

To compose is to create. A composer weaves notes into music of beauty and power. In the beginning, God composed a world, a people, a relationship, and a commitment. The first two books of the Bible relate stories about the basic elements of those compositions.

Creativity, sin and grace, covenant relationship, and liberation are at the core of our sacred story, of our identity as people of Christian faith. With these sermons, we begin at the beginning to explore how God’s creative, liberating presence was and is still at work in us and in our world.

September 10: “Melody and Harmony” (Genesis 1: Creation)

September 17: “Time Signature” (Genesis 6-9, selected verses: The Flood)

September 24:  “Ostinato” (Exodus 3:1-12: Covenant)

October 1 (World Communion): “Tension and Resolution” (Exodus 14, selected verses: The Exodus)

2017-2018 Theme: 

Faith Remastered

Faith Remastered 

remaster -  to make a new copy of a musical recording or film with the sound or image improved

The master copy of a composition is the original version.  Now, with the aid of technology, musical recordings and films can be remastered.  Often the remastered versions reveal new depth, clarity, and richness of color and tone. Remastering enlivens enjoyment of classics by those who have long cherished them, and makes them available and accessible to new listeners and viewers.

This year at Foundry, we will play with the concept of remastering as we return to the classics of our faith tradition.  We will examine the core teachings and tenets of Christian faith – stories from scripture, worship practices, theological concepts, and dynamics of covenant relationship. Together, we will pick up these powerful stories and practices, dust them off, and consider them afresh as resources for our journey. The language of music and melody will weave throughout the year as we deepen and renew our living faith.