Upcoming Sermon Series

Upcoming Sermon Series: November


 mashup - a mixture or fusion of disparate elements

Relationships are vital to life. They can at once be life-giving and fulfilling and also frustrating and draining. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our relationships, whether with friends, partners, or families. Biblical stories portray a wide range.

The classic stories of our faith – Ruth and Naomi, Samuel and Eli, Cain and Abel – present a mashup of personalities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, and fears. And we are no different. Sometimes the most complicated characters end up playing the largest roles. Join us as we explore our role in God’s story with all our beautiful and (sometimes) messy relationships.

November 5: All Saints Day, TBA

November 12: TBA

November 19: TBA

November 26: TBA

2017-2018 Annual Theme: Faith Remastered 

Faith Remastered

remaster -  to make a new copy of a musical recording or film with the sound or image improved

The master copy of a composition is the original version.  Now, with the aid of technology, musical recordings and films can be remastered.  Often the remastered versions reveal new depth, clarity, and richness of color and tone. Remastering enlivens enjoyment of classics by those who have long cherished them, and makes them available and accessible to new listeners and viewers.

This year at Foundry, we will play with the concept of remastering as we return to the classics of our faith tradition.  We will examine the core teachings and tenets of Christian faith – stories from scripture, worship practices, theological concepts, and dynamics of covenant relationship. Together, we will pick up these powerful stories and practices, dust them off, and consider them afresh as resources for our journey. The language of music and melody will weave throughout the year as we deepen and renew our living faith.