Pour Out

Monday, May 21, 2018

“Pour Out”

Acts 2:1-21

Dawn M. Hand, Executive Pastor/Chief of Staff – Foundry UMC – Washington, DC

Preached sermon on 20 May ’18 at Foundry UMC – Washington, D.C.


Today we celebrate Pentecost, which many in Christendom acknowledge as the birth of our church. Pentecost is a festival, 50 days after Easter or the seventh Sunday after Easter. It’s a festival that celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit descending on the Apostles and followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus had ascended to heaven and the disciples were left wondering…

We also celebrate our Confirmation Class. Nine young people have been on a several months journey – exploring, navigating, learning and living into their faith journey. We have been praying for them these last few months and are thankful to God for their journey. [...]