Born Again

Sunday, May 13, 2018

“Born Again”

Preached by Will Green at Foundry United Methodist Church

Polyphony Series—May 13th, 2018       


            As Wesleyan Christians, we celebrate the fact that God peaks not only through Scripture, but through the individual experiences of those with whom we share community. Today I’m humbled and blessed to welcome Brook Dalrymple, one of Foundry’s newest members, to share her witness and experience of the phrase “born again.”

Good morning. As a young girl, I was taught early on, like I’m sure some of you, that once I invited Jesus into my heart, I was born again…a new creation, not the same as I was. While there is beauty to this, it was a very limited, individualistic view of born again. What it instead evolved to mean for me was a very particular image of a “born-again Chr [...]