Witness: Paula Blair


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Paula Blair

Transcript for the hearing impaired:

Paula: Since the November 6th election, I have enjoyed the national conversation about what comes next to build President Obama’s legacy – that is, what will be remembered as his defining contributions to the life of Americans.  It is reassuring for me to know that President Obama’s healthcare legislation will stand.  But, who knows what will happen to rebuild the long-term prosperity that Americans seek.

Recently, I realized that my interest in these discussions emanates from my personal reflections of what will be part of my final legacy.  For me, it is equally important to seek achievements that will stand for many years to come as a positive, enduring influence in people’s lives. 

I am secure in the knowledge that much of who I am has been passed along organically through my children and grandchildren, with the prayer that their progeny will continue to pass on the best of who we are as a loving family.  However, my dream legacy reaches beyond “me” and embraces the larger community that I call my brothers and sisters in this faith journey.   My dream legacy involves a brick and mortar institution that stands as a beacon of justice and a sanctuary for the faithful.   I have come to believe that this institution for me is Foundry United Methodist Church.

My church life goes back as far as I can remember.  I was blessed to have two loving parents who took me and my brother to church many days of the week and several times on Sunday.  They were involved in building projects that remain standing to this day.  I want to be that same type of sustainer, thus my sincere affection for this building and all who dwell therein…now and in the future.  This makes me pause in deep reflection for this initiative…

  • My childhood church provided my initial friendships and a place for me to learn about God.  Foundry is the place where future generations can continue to learn through the dedication of many pastors and teachers.
  • Foundry has been a place where I have sought to understand God’s evolving design for my life, given the changing landscape of people and circumstances.  This institution continues to be a place where one can find their path through study, prayer, and contemplation.
  • Foundry has continued to be a leader in matters of justice and equity.  I need to see expressions of God’s love through deeply rooted mission actions – including labor advocacy, addressing homelessness, and striving for pay equity.  The world feels saner and fairer through the ongoing work of this church. 

 I am reminded of the scripture “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed…” Proverbs 11:25.  Thus, I want to be such a blessing to future generations of worshippers at Foundry United Methodist Church.  My legacy is inextricably linked to Foundry’s future.

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