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Small Groups

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What is "discipleship and formation"? 

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New Classes for the Fall

You are invited to join the new and exciting adult classes beginning in September. Additional information about the content, leaders and registration are available in the Community Commons on Sunday mornings.

To register for our Fall Class offerings, please click here.

To explore our small groups, fellowship groups, and servant leadership opportunities, please click here.

Sundays from 10:10 - 11:05 AM

A Disciple’s Path defines a covenant community through prayer, presence, gifts, service and witness. Especially helpful to new or potential members. (Oct. 1 - Nov. 2)

A Disciple’s Heart uses guiding questions to define spiritual life goals and community bonds through daily Scripture reading, prayer and personal reflection. Especially helpful to those who have completed A Disciple’s Path. (Sept. 17 - Oct. 22)

Retrieving the Classics of Christian Tradition: Selections from G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and Josef Pieper uses three authors’ prescient and relevant pastoral advice for living a Christian life in modern secular culture. (Oct. 8 - Dec. 17)

Practicing Spirituality explores multiple spiritual practices that enable development and maturation of a Christian life. (Ongoing)

Sundays from 12:30 - 1:45 PM

Evolution of Congregational Hymn Singing traces the evolution of hymns through focus on cultural settings, hymns’ origins and the creative thread of music and melody across time. (Oct. 1 - 15)

Fantastic Biblical Beasts and Where to Find Them studies Biblical references to real and mythical creatures to understand and deconstruct ancient worldviews and discover their influence on modern theology. (Oct. 29 - Dec. 10 except Nov. 26)

Mindfulness and Meditation empowers participants with applied practices to address anxieties and bring contentment and control in daily life. (Sept. 17 - Oct. 29 except Oct. 8)

Sermon Reflection invites participants to share responses, expand thoughts and process meaning from the morning’s sermon. (Sept. 17 - Dec. 17)

Wednesday starting at 5:30 PM

Cross-Cultural Evolution of Gospel Music traces the evolution of gospel music as it has grown to span multiple cultures. (Sept. 20 - Oct. 4)

Disciple I is a comprehensive long-term Bible study that develops strong Christian leaders through daily Bible study and dynamic group discussion. (Sept. 20, 2017 - June 2018)

Looking Ahead: Estate Planning assesses best uses of resources now and in the future. (Oct. 11)

Looking Ahead: Downsizing focuses on decisions made as a people move into different and often smaller spaces. (Nov. 8)

Small Groups

Small groups are the foundation of life-long discipleship, providing both space and defined community in which intentional relationships can flourish. Here at Foundry, our commitment is that these covenant communities embody four major and regular movements:

Opportunities for play, fun, and connection with people who share similar commitments, experiences, and stories.

Theological Reflection
Space to reflect critically and carefully about the way one’s life experiences are shaped by our shared faith, and the ways in which our shared faith (does and should) inform our life experience.

The space to pray for and with one another, as well as to learn alongside one another how to pray.

Opportunities in community (in a variety of fashions) to put into action the shared values/commitments of the covenant community.  

For general information about small group ministries at Foundry Church, please email Pastor Will Green at wgreen@foundryumc.org.

Current, Active Small Groups

Adams-Morgan adamsmorgan@foundryumc.org
Facilitator, Lorea Stallard, hosts every Thursday at 7:30pm

Bloomingdale bloomingdale@foundryumc.org
Facilitators, Avery Davis & Drew Goins, host every other Wednesday at 7pm.

Brookland brookland@foundryumc.org
Starting this Fall!
Host Megan Lavery will gather this group on September 13th, 2017 at 7pm.

Capitol Hill/H Street  capitolhill@foundryumc.org
Starting this Fall!
Hosts Heather LeMunyon and Joseph Batemen will gather this group on October 3rd, 2017 at 7pm

Dupont Circle dupont@foundryumc.org
Starting this Fall!
Host Suzanne Anthony will gather this group on September 26th at 6:30pm at Foundry Church.

Silver Spring  silverspring@foundryumc.org
Facilitators Britta Anderson and Jessica Meixner host every other Tuesday (starting September 5th) at 7pm.

ChristCare: Dupont Circle  Christcare@foundryumc.org
A monthly gathering for fellowship and mutual support that gathers in Dupont Circle. For more information, contact Facilitator Sujatha Blackstone.

NoVa West nova@foundryumc.org
A monthly gathering in the western suburbs of Northern Virginia that meets monthly for fellowship and support. Email Facilitators Doug, Tara, or Heather for more information about meeting times and locations. 

Community Events and Learning Opportunities

Protestant Reformation Event Series

Join Rev. Mark Schafer and American University’s Chapel in celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation with a nine-week long, interdisciplinary series of events reflecting on the Reformation and its impact on the world we live in. The event includes panel discussions, table talks, a film screening, a networking fair, a poetry workshop, a mock trial, chapel services, and a concert of Bach music. It’s a rich program of events and programs that explores the Reformation from a wide range of perspectives. For more information click here


Disciple Fast Track

Interested in in-depth Bible study but worried about the time commitment of a study like Disciple 1? Our sister congregation, Asbury United Methodist Church, is offering Disciple Fast Track, a shorter version of Disciple 1 taught in 12-week sessions. More information on this program, check out the flyer, email Vanessa Williford at williford_v@hotmail.com, or call Asbury Church at 202-628-0009

What is "discipleship and formation"? 

Here at Foundry Church we strive to be a people who ‘love God, love each other, and change the world’ through all that we do. This includes calling, equipping, and sending spiritual leaders for the church and world. Said a different way, we want to help form and equip faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? By discipleship we mean: the ongoing process, initiated and guided by the Holy Spirit, in which we are living into God’s love for us and the world. Discipleship is lived out in the covenant relationships that help cultivate in us the things Jesus embodied—love of God, love of one another, and transformational witness and service in the world.

Discipleship begins in the covenant of baptism, our promise to live and grow as a follower of Jesus, and continues as we engage our faith critically and creatively. No matter where you are on your journey, we have opportunities for you to do that here at Foundry.

Here you’ll find an incomplete and ever increasing list of ways to:

  • get your feet wet and explore what life as a follower of Jesus Christ look like individually and as a community here at Foundry Church.
  • wade out into the waters of your baptism, and find easy-to-engage opportunities for learning, growing, and building relationships.
  • dive in to vows of baptism, opportunities to be more engaged, and commit to longer-term ways of growing and living as a disciple.
  • go deep as a disciple of Jesus Christ, engaging in long-term and ongoing ways to stay committed and critically engaged as disciples at all ages and stages.

And stay tuned, because the work of discipleship is something that is always changing, we are always looking for new ways to increase our capacity to learn and grow.

To see what classes, learning opportunities, and small groups are available click here, or browse the Connecting Ministries Catalogue below. To register for upcoming opportunities, please click here.