Sunday School & Worship Care

Sunday School & Worship Care

Foundry’s Sunday School is provided during both services for children age 4 through 6th grade.  Students in the 7th grade and older are part of the Youth Ministry.  On Sunday mornings, children attend worship with their family. After the Children’s Sermon the children are dismissed to attend Sunday School.   We are currently using the new Cokesbury Sunday School curriculum Rock Solid.

9:30 AM Classes

3 – 6 Year Olds (Room 101)
2nd – 6th Grade (Room 208)

11:00 AM Classes

Pre-K & Kindergarten (Room 206)
1st & 2nd Grade (Room 204)
3rd & 4th Grade (Room 205)
5th & 6th Grade (Room 207)

Sunday School Registration

It is important that each year you register your child or children for Sunday School. The information allows us to contact parents regarding special events, locate child liturgists and in cases of emergencies. Registration is quick, easy and free!  Registration forms can be obtained from your child’s Sunday School teacher and by clicking here.


Worship Care

The purpose of our Sunday morning Worship Care is to minister to the needs of families who have young children and who want to attend worship services or serve in another area of ministry. Foundry’s Worship Care is designed for children from birth to three years of age.

Sunday morning care is provided by well-qualified paid staff and loving volunteers who have chosen the Nursery & Toddler rooms as a part of their ministry to Foundry. We encourage all parents to consider volunteering regularly.

Worship Care takes place in Rooms 107 & 108 of the Education Building

Things to remember:

  • When you bring your child, please make sure that your diaper bag is labeled.
  • Register your child on the sign-in sheet, along with any information the workers should know - such as feeding instructions and where you may be located. Pagers are available upon request.
  • Try not to have lengthy goodbyes with your child. It is natural for small children to cry a few tears when they are left in a new place for the first time. Most of the time, children adjust quickly to their surroundings once Mommy or Daddy is out of sight! You will be notified if there is a concern or emergency.
  • Our nursery rooms are busy places on Sunday mornings! In the interest of crowd control and the safety of the children, we ask that only one parent enter the childcare room with their child.
  • Breastfeeding moms may be interested to know that there is a quiet, private area in the Crib Nursery (room 151) available for your use.
  • Extra loving hands are always needed in this area. If you’ve got the itch to hold a newborn baby, you can sign up for one service a month. That’s twelve annual reminders of the miracle and blessing of babies without missing a full night’s sleep!