Sermons and Scriptures

    Mission Possible is rooted in our faith and in our mission. Senior Pastor Dean Snyder succinctly summarizes the linkage between our faith and our church home:

"Our building communicates our theology. Our building communicates what we believe about God. Our building helps to shape what we believe about God.

 "In God's house - the God we believe in - there are lots of dwelling places. There is lots of good room. Everyone is welcomed. Everyone is included. It is a place of beauty and grace.

 "As we begin Mission Possible, we are doing theological work. When we build our new fully accessible elevator at the main entrance, we will be communicating what we believe about God. When we build our new rest rooms that everyone will be able to use with dignity from our homeless neighbors to presidents and senators, we will be communicating what we believe about God. We will teach our children what we believe about God.

 "We believe in a God who welcomes everyone, who makes room for everyone, who treats everyone with dignity and grace. That is what our new space will proclaim."

Those were the concluding words of the first of a series of four sermons which Pastor Snyder preached in 2012, exploring the scriptural and theological basis for Mission Possible.  Below you will find the topics and texts of each of those sermons, with a live link to a podcast, audio and transcript of the entire sermon.

Plenty Good Room”   John 14:1-13
There is plenty of good room in God’s house. Our congregation, including our building, should be a reflection and expression of God’s kingdom – hospitable, inclusive, community-building,and liberating. Our intention is to make our space more like God’s house, where there is plenty of good room.

“Our Turn”   Hebrews 12:1-3
Each generation has contributed to the Foundry of today. As we honor their sacrifices, we consider the church we will leave to future generations. It is our turn. We will become part of Foundry’s great cloud of witnesses. Future generations may or may not remember our name, but they will remember our sacrifice.

“Jesus, the Builder”   Matthew 16:13-19
Jesus came to teach a way of life and to build a church. That church is present today in the real world of institutions, places built of brick and mortar to serve people in this life. Through our efforts Jesus is building hospitals, nursing homes, schools and churches to make life better for the children of God on this earth.

“Hidden Treasures”   Matthew 6:21
By doing our part we can make the Foundry experience a foretaste of the love, light and acceptance found in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us all think deeply about the treasures we have and what from our treasures we will share with future Foundry members.